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Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

{ Spike | Jet | Faye | Ed | Ein | Vicious | Julia }

Ed struggling with a chess game. Ed flying, grinning. A cute headshot of Ed.

Ed grinning wide. Ed and Ein. (Sweet pic. Too bad the quality kinda got wrecked in the upload..) Ed and Ein. Ed and Ein.

Name: Ed
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: January 1
Height: 136 cm
Constellation: Capricorn
Home: Earth
Blood: AB
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Yellow
Ships: Bebop
     Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th, or simply Ed, is the self-named manic hacker of the Bebop. Despite her masculine name and genderless appearance, Ed is indeed a girl. The eternal blush and high, girly voice may have been the thing to tip you off, though. Before arriving on the Bebop, Ed used to live on Earth as a well-known hacker that nobody has ever seen in person. More of a myth than anything else, really. The Bebop crew first runs into this hyperactive teenager at her home, a pile of old electronics. Everywhere there are pictures of the Bebop, or of their captured bounties, so I guess you could call her a stalker, too. For some reason, unknown to us, Ed dreams of becoming a Bebop crew member. Thanks to Faye's promise, Ed gets her wish.

During the chase for a well-priced, hard-to-find bounty, Ed pops up on the Bebop's screen and promises to help catch the culprit, as long as they promise to do something for her. True to her word, Ed finds the so-called hacker (a satellite named Mpu) and expects to be welcomed onto the ship. Faye doesn't want to keep her promise, and makes Jet fly away, but Ed just grabs her controller and hacks into the Bebop, making it turn around and pick her up. With her goofy smiling hacker faces, a childish personality, and sometimes-insane antics, Ed is a nice change from the other normally mature members of the Bebop.