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Ein eating from his bowl. Ein wearing a funny metal object. Ein growling. Ein. Ein profile.

Name: Ein
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Height: 29 cm
Length: 64 cm
Weight: 9.8 kg
Hair: Golden Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ships: Bebop
     The data dog Ein who never really gets a chance to show what he can do. This poor little Welsh Corgi was raised in a laboratory, constantly being experimented on, and as a result, has turned into some sort of genius dog. Spike first encounters little Ein when he is stolen by the bounty Spike is chasing after. In the end Spike ends up losing Hakim (the bounty) but brings a new pet aboard the Bebop, something Spike is not too happy about. Ein is normally seen sleeping or eating, and doesn't get as much credit as he deserves around the Bebop. Jet and Ed have taken a liking to the pooch, but Spike, and especially Faye, detest him. When Jet and Spike first capture Faye and lock her up Ein's almost gloating presence, the hatred between the two is first bred. She hasn't been able to get along with the dog since. When the Bebop was in a slow period, meaning there was absolutely no food left, a hungry Faye finds that there's only a can of dog food left in the fridge. Smiling, she grabs the can and looks at Ein, who's sitting at his empty dog dish. Then she grabs a fork and shovels the whole thing into her mouth, enjoying it all to the last bite. How cruel.