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Faye Valentine

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An angry Faye, holding a gun at ready. A pretty close-up of Faye's face. Faye looking elegant. A pretty pic of Faye wearing a bathing suit.

Pretty Faye. Faye. Faye. Poor Ein. Faye.

Name: Faye Valentine
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: August 14
Height: 168 cm
Constellation: Leo
Home: Earth (not entirely specified)
Blood: B
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Green
Transportation: Red Tail + Bebop
Faye is the kick-ass chick in debt up to her ears with a serious gambling problem. She loves all forms of gambling and, whenever she can, cheats her way into major money. Of course, any money she does actually earn doesn't go to pay off the 400,000,000 or so debt. Nope, just back to the casino or the races. She's an expert at slight of hand, and feels no guilt whatsoever when she robs people (often Jet) of all their money. Although a tomboy, Faye will never pass up a chance to look good. The way she looks is obviously a way to grab those bounties. Anytime she catches wind of an enormous bounty, she'll jump up and go after it herself, without giving Jet and Spike a chance. Skilled with weapons, sometimes this hard-luck woman will go off just searching for a fight, if she gets particularly angry (which happens often) and needs to vent.

     When Faye was about 20, she was involved in a crash that injured her body beyond repair. That is, it was beyond repair 54 years ago, when the crash happened. Faye had been put into a cryogenic sleep so that she never aged until someone, Dr. Bacchus to be precise, woke her up and healed all her wounds. The bad part is, all of the records on her were lost in the infamous gate crash, so she knows nothing of her past. Even her name, Faye Valentine, is just an assumed one. Later in the series we get a look into what she was like before the crash by means of an interesting videotape, but you'll have to watch to find out more.