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Jet Black

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A nice profile of Jet driving the Bebop. A profile of Jet's smiling face. Jet looking serious.

Jet with a gun. A very large gun. Jet. Serious Jet. Jet profile.

Name: Jet Black
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Birthday: December 3
Height: 188 cm
Constellation: Saggitarius
Home: Unknown (he did live on Ganymede)
Blood: A
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Ships: Hammerhead + Bebop

The Bebop's resident housewife. (Sorry, but he cooks and cleans everything. It's hard not to think of him like that.) He is an incredibly skilled mechanic, and continues to bring the Bebop, Red Tail and Swordfish back to life after they've been mutilated in various crashes. Jet gets impatient with Spike and his reckless attitude easily, and even goes so far to warn him that if he goes off on a certain escapade there would no longer be a room in the Bebop for him. He only said that because he cared about Spike's life, and in the end, when Spike turns up alive, he gives in and lets his partner come back. An old ISSP (interplanetary police force) officer, Jet was once Black Dog (once he sunk his teeth into something, he would never let go). When searching for a particularly hard bounty, he often calls on some of his old contacts for information. Jet is incredibly stubborn and old-fashioned, and has a stronger sense of duty than most, but really he's a softhearted guy with a love for his bonsais.

     Jet's arm had once been hurt badly enough that it needed to be replaced with a mechanical one. When Faye suggests he replace it with a newer, more lifelike model, he nearly bites her head off. His arm is almost like a reminder so that he won't forget his mistakes in the past. As an old cop, Jet was betrayed by his partner Fad while they were trying to corner a revered assassin named Udai Taxim. Until Udai breaks free from prison and gets a fat ol' bounty on his head, Jet had no idea that it was his partner who had fired the shot that changed his life. In the final clash between Jet and Fad, he finally learns the truth from Udai, who gets a bullet in the head for all his trouble. Jet ends up shooting and killing his ex-partner who had turned the gun on him. As it turns out there had only been one bullet in the gun, the one that had killed Udai.