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A pretty headshot of Julia. Full-body pic of Julia. Julia.

A cool pic of her smoking. Frightened Julia. Julia.

Name: Julia
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
     Apparently, not much is known about Julia either. -_- It's hard not to like this woman, especially when the first scene we actually see with Julia is her shooting at bad guys with the help of Faye. (Don't ask how these two conveniently met up with each other, just watch the damn series). Julia is Spike's lover from his past life, and from everything you hear of her, she seems almost unreal. Even Faye, once meeting her, turns all quiet when talking of Julia and says she's an amazing woman. (I can't remember the exact words...) In the end, it turns out she's another kick-ass chick who really did love Spike, and wishes to finally leave the syndicate and live with him. It's assumed that she's good with a gun, though not much is actually seen of her shooting. She shows up when the final confrontation between Spike and Vicious is drawing near, but too bad she never gets to see the end of it. Heh, well anyway...