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Spike Spiegel

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A cool pic of Spike, holding up a gun. Spike looking unusually calm. Spike. Full-body pic of Spike.

Spike ticked off. Spike thinking. Spike. Spike. Spike.

Name: Spike Spiegel
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: June 26
Height: 185 cm
Constellation: Cancer
Home: Mars
Blood: O
Hair: Dark Green + Black
Eyes: Dark + Light Brown
Ships: Swordfish II + Bebop
     What's not to like about him? This calm and collected bounty hunter is as carefree as can be most of the time. But, if there are three things he can't stand, it's this: kids, animals, and women with attitude. Spike practices Jeet Kune Do, a hand-to-hand combat style created by the one and only Bruce Lee. Just because he's good with his fists doesn't mean that he can't still kick ass with his gun (a Jericho 941). This casual smoker has a tendency to curse...a lot, but in the presence of a lady (Faye doesn't really count), he's an instant charmer. If Spike hadn't chosen to become a bounty hunter, he would've made an excellent thief, with his quick hands and even quicker eyes. Beneath his composed attitude towards life boils a savage that's unleashed at the mention of a few certain someones. Once he's pissed, nobody can stop his rampage. Your best bet is to get out of the

     Through most of the 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop we are kept wondering what Spike's flashbacks are all about. Who are Vicious and Julia? What do they have to do with his past? Well, if you want to know, I guess I can't deny you their privileged information. About three years before the series took place, Spike left a syndicate called the Red Dragon and 'died' for the first time, at the hands of a woman. For the most part, he's still alive, left wondering if life is really just a dream. Vicious, his old friend in the syndicate, and Spike both loved one woman named Julia. She's basically the reason for Spike's leaving Red Dragon. He had asked this alluring woman to come with him, to leave the syndicate and never look back. But, due to her ties to Vicious, she never left. With one eye looking into the past, Spike could never forget Julia, and still searches for her. Whenever word comes his way of the name Julia, Spike recklessly chases after the rumor until finally he meets his love once more. She wants to run away with him; she's ready now. But Spike is already on a mission to finally end Vicious' life and wake up from the dream. A lot of stuff happens in the episode leading up to their confrontation, but I won't completely spoil it for you.