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A sweet full-body pic of Vicious. Vicious up-close. Vicious holding his sword. Vicious from before, back-to-back with Spike.

Name: Vicious
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: in 2044
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Black
     Not too much basic information on Vicious, which just adds to his already mysterious persona in the series. The main story plot in Cowboy Bebop seems to revolve around this man clad in black and his relationship to Spike. Always on his shoulder is a dark, slightly threatening looking bird that seems to be able to alert its owner of danger. In a fight it's hard to tell between him and Spike who's got the advantage. However, Vicious, with his traditional katana, looks a bit more deadly than Spike. It also may be those piercing eyes and the sour expression he never leaves home without. Spike had managed to get out of the Red Dragon, a mafia-like syndicate, but Vicious remained. He was looking to take it over by killing Wang Luong, Pin Luong, and Suo Luong, the Red Dragon's current leaders. Vicious is definitely a man who lives up to his name, and he'll betray anyone to get what he needs (poor Gren! T_T). Vicious and Spike were once partners in the Red Dragon, until Julia came into the picture. The friendship that the two once had was torn and a rivalry over Julia developed. It's hard to tell exactly what happened since all we get are some flashbacks.