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Rurouni Kenshin.

Characters Oniwabanshuu Juppongatana Other Villains

Special thanks to Slappy.

Chou Sawagejou (Chou the Sword Hunter)
Chou. Chou.
One of the weaker members of the Juppongatana, Chou uses a special sword called the Hakujin no Tachi. This sword is a very long, very thin sword meant to attack from long distances. Its every movement can be controlled, so it's dangerous and difficult to dodge. Chou fights Kenshin at the Hakuzan Shrine, where swordsmith Shakku Arai's final sword is said to rest. Chou has the grandson of Shakku hostage, and fights Kenshin while Kenshin's reverse blade sword is broken. Seiku Arai (the son of Shakku Arai) gives Kenshin the final sword of his father, and Kenshin takes down Chou using the Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Kan Sen Tsumuji.

Kamatari the Great Scythe
Kamatari. Kamatari.
A gay, male crossdresser, Kamatari (also known as "Psycho Queer" or "Stick Swinging Queer") is in love with Shishio, and fights for him, knowing that he can neither be Shishio's right hand man nor Shishio's lover. He wields a Great Chain Scythe, which is just a scythe with a ball and chain on it. He is fought by Kaoru and Misao. Kamatari has the upper hand during just about all of the battle, until Kaoru and Misao amazingly break his Scythe. After that, his knee is broken by Kaoru. In the end, Kamatari is a foreign spy for the Meiji Government; I think he's a foreign exchange student in an English All-Girl's Boarding school, but I forget.

Henya the Flight
An anorexic man, he uses dynamite and a large blade as his weapon. What he does is he'll use dynamite to get himself in the air, and use his giant wing-like clothes to fly. From the air, he drops dynamite to kill people, or swoops down and takes a swing with his giant blade. Henya is faced by Yahiko. For about the whole battle, Henya is slowly killing Yahiko. When he finally decides to end the battle, he drops an extra large thing of dynamite. Yahiko than uses a door as a wing and the explosion to boost himself above Henya. Yahiko than uses a Ryu-Tsui-Sen (dragon hammer strike) imitation to defeat Henya. In the end, Henya becomes a messenger for the Meiji Government, and spies on mainland Asia.

Iwanbo the Round Demon
A giant, pink guy, he is the dumbest member of the Juppongatana. His massive bulk causes him to absorb attacks, and he uses things that go on his fingers to attack enemies. His stupidity keeps him from being really effective in combat. He is faced by the four regular-looking, minor character members of the Oniwaban. He can easily win, but, when Henya and Kamatari are defeated, he bounces away. In the end, I think he gets lost in the wilderness. I'm not sure.

Anji the Myouou
Anji. Anji.
The 3rd strongest member of the Juppongatana, Anji is a hakaisou, a fallen monk who has broken one of the commandments of Buddha. Anji is the master of a special technique, Futae no Kiwami, a technique which he teaches to Sanosuke. Anji lived in a monastery with four children, one of them the love of his life. However, these children's parents have provided assistance to the Shogunate, so the village they live near is looked down upon and won't be getting any money from the government. Also, the government is abolishing Buddhism. Anyway, men from the village burn down the monastery Anji and the children lived in, killing all the children. Anji takes the ash of his lover, and puts it over his eyes. Several years later, Anji is a wall of muscle, and he kills the men who burnt the monastery. Anji then has a new idea of salvation: destroy evil in the world, and save those who are pure of heart. Ten years later, Anji fights Sanosuke. It's a hard fought battle, but Sanosuke ends up winning the battle, and Anji's idea of salvation is to save everybody now. In the end, Anji serves 25 years in prison, but is released; and, due to vouches from Sanosuke and Kenshin, he avoids capital punishment.

Usui the Blind Sword
Usui. Usui.
An ex-hitokiri who served for the Shogunate in the Bakumatsu, Usui lost his vision in a duel with Shishio. Usui is then on the brink of life and death, and he comes back with Superhuman hearing. Usui then uses a technique called Eye of the Heart, a technique in which he listens for the person's heartbeat to hear his opponent's emotions and listens to the muscles and joints making sounds to determine the attack stance of his opponent. He joined the Juppongatana under the pretense that he can try to kill Shishio any time he sees an opening. Usui's actual reasons are then revealed by Saitou. Usui was made stronger by getting blinded by Shishio. When he met Shishio again, Usui wanted revenge, but he saw that Shishio had become stronger, too strong for Usui to handle. Usui then just kept up the "get to kill" act to make himself seem stronger to the subordinates of Shishio. Usui, the second ranked member of the Juppongatana, is defeated by Saito's Gatotsu.

Saizuchi of the Destruction Army
An annoying, bald, old man with a face like a rat's, Saizuchi can command the giant, Fuji. Saizuchi doesn't do much other than act intelligent, yell at Fuji, and laugh disturbingly. Saizuchi found Fuji lying on the ground, covered in blood and several bullet wounds. Saizuchi saved the giant's life, so, as a way to thank Saizuchi, Fuji fights all of Saizuchi's battles as a member of the Juppongatana. In the end, after Fuji is defeated, Saizuchi lays on the ground, twitching. Okina, as a fellow old man, is "very ashamed of him" (Saizuchi). In the end, after Shishio falls, Saizuchi becomes an intelligence officer in the government. He works to negotiate underground deals with other countries.

Fuji of the Destruction Army
Fuji is a giant with armor that makes him look kind of like an Evangelion. He uses a giant sword (what else would he use, really?) and does whatever Saizuchi tells him, as thanks for Saizuchi saving his life. Fuji has lived a hard life, with people calling him a monster due to his gigantic size. Then, along comes Seijuro Hiko, who views Fuji not as a monster, but as a martial artist! This touches Fuji, and he takes off his armor and puts Saizuchi on the ground, getting ready to duel Hiko. Hiko and Fuji fight. Hiko takes Fuji out with a Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu-Kan-Sen. After all this is over, Fuji becomes a border guard for the government. Thus, all of the Juppongatana are defeated except for...

Sojiro the Tenken

Angry Sojiro. Sojiro.

Sojiro Seta has amazing swordsmanship skills, almost as if they were a gift from heaven (hence his name, Tenken, translating to "heavenly sword"). He doesn't show emotions, except for a happiness. Sojiro has led a poor life, showing up on his father's doorstep, only partly related to the family that brought him up. His "family" abused him, making him do all the work, viewing him as a "servant, whom they don't have to pay. Sojiro spends most of the day carrying rice bales back and forth (his family being a wholesale rice dealer). One night, he sees Shishio killing policemen. So that Shishio wouldn't kill Sojiro, he agrees to give Shishio bandage and food. As thanks, Shishio gave Sojiro a wakizashi (a type of short sword). Also, Shishio taught Sojiro "the truth," "If you're strong, you live, if you're weak, you die." Then, on a stormy night, Sojiro's family finds out that Sojiro has been housing a fugitive (Shishio), and they threaten to kill him. Sojiro runs, gets his wakizashi, and kills his family. He then wanders with Shishio, getting stronger, second only to Shishio.

Fast forward 10 years later, Sojiro is fighting Kenshin. Sojiro appears to have the upper hand with his technique "shukuchi" (in which he moves around really fast). However, Kenshin's "don't kill" ideals interrupt Sojiro's thought processes, in that they conflict with the only truth Sojiro has ever known (If you're strong, you live, if you're weak, you die). Sojiro starts to get mad, begins to show emotions, and thus, it's the beginning of his end. Kenshin can read where he's going, and they fight to a stalemate, in which it all has to be decided by a final round of Battoujutsu. Sojiro uses a combination of Shukuchi and Battoujutsu (which he's dubbed Shuntensatsu), and Kenshin uses Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ultimate Attack, Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. Kenshin overpowers Sojiro, breaking Sojiro's sword, paying back for Sojiro's breaking Kenshin's first Reverse-Blade sword in Shingetsu village. Thus, Sojiro is defeated, and he leaves Shishio. However, as parting gifts, Sojiro tells Shishio the secret to Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki and gives back the wakizashi. In the end, Sojiro becomes a Rurouni, wandering the country for 10 years to make his own truth. And with his defeat, all of the Juppongatana are gone.

Yumi Komagata
The lover of Shishio, she dresses like a wench, and what do you know? She used to be a wench. A very high-class, popular courtesan in the Red Light district, she was never truly happy until she met Shishio (...-_-'). She met Shishio; she fell in love with him, happily ever after...until they met Kenshin Himura. Yumi guided Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saitoh around the Shrine of Six Archways on Mount Hiei, to where they would be facing the three strongest members of the Juppongatana, and then, Shishio. She does an excellent job of guiding them, and reinforcing Shishio's glaring weakness during Kenshin and Shishio's battle. Well, Yumi was always jealous of Sojiro and Kamatari, for in Shishio's eyes, the only thing that mattered was fighting and combat. Yumi couldn't fight. But in the end, she was able to help Shishio in his crucial battle against Kenshin, and lost her life in the process (more on this later).

Makoto Shishio

Shishio (before he was burned). Shishio.

A bandaged man with burns all over his body, he looks like a mummy and uses a killer (pun not intended) sword style, and, wouldn't you know it, he wants to take over Japan. Using a fine-toothed sword, Shishio strikes it aflame using human fat coating his sword, and friction from the ground, his sheath, his opponenets sword, etc. etc. In the past, Shishio was the Battousai's successor, also being an assassin in the shadows. However, Shishio knew too many of the governments secrets, and one night, they tried to execute him by filling Shishio with bullets. That they did, and one of them shot Shishio in the head. After that, the imperialist government "even went through the painstaking process of burning Shishio's body." Thus, Shishio lost his ability to sweat, operate and a normal body temperature, and blend in with a crowd. Shishio's mantra is "If you're strong you live, if you're weak you die." A survival of the fittest, where Shishio is the strongest, and everybody is essentially food for him. ("Despite his grudge, Usui has proven himself highly nutricious...and delicious." Outtake, Rurouni Kenshin, Disc 14, Fire and Requiem).

Shishio battles flawlessly, defeating Kenshin, Saitoh, Sanosuke, knocking them all unconscious, and then fighting Aoshi. Kenshin got back up with an aura, and it was the beginning of the end for Shishio. Kenshin appeared to have the upper hand, until Shishio had an aura, and thus, it was a battle of ultimate attack vs. ultimate attack. Kenshin's Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki defeated Shishio's Kagezuchi. Shishio then began to have violent convulsions, and Yumi rushed in to try to get the battle from continuing. Shishio stabbed Yumi straight through the chest, and ended up stabbing Kenshin's side while Kenshin was offguard. After that, Shishio's body temperature went through the roof due to him lacking the ability to sweat, and he spontaneously combusted, taking Yumi's corpse with him. Thus, Shishio was defeated, and his plot to take over Japan was over.

Houji the Hundred-folded Knowledge of the Juppongatana
Houji Sadojima, the most intelligent of the Juppongatana, a man blessed with the abiliity to organize a large syndicate and the Juppongatana, and Shishio's most faithful fanatic. In Houji's eyes, Shishio is a god; he cannot lose. Well, when Shishio lost, Houji got sent over the edge, axing up pipes, trying to kill himself. Kenshin, Sanosuke, Saito, and Aoshi say, "If everybody dies, there is no winner, then Lord Shishio is invincible." Nobody dies in his madness, for the four heroes escape, and Houji is rescued by Anji. Houji then turns himself into the police, so that he could tell of Shishio in public, and the Meiji wouldn't twist history and leave Shishio out of it. However, the Meiji repeatedly offered Houji a job in the government, wanting his ability to organize a huge syndicate. Houji repeatedly declined, and never got a trial, nor did he ever get a chance to speak in public. In the end, Houji commited suicide, writing something on the wall of his cell with his blood (what he wrote, don't ask me, I don't read Japanese). Houji went to hell, where he met Shishio and Yumi waiting for him. Thus, Houji could be happy, as he strode off with Shishio and Yumi, the three of them plotting to take over Hell from King Enma, Houji to be the first to taste victory by Shishio's side.