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Rurouni Kenshin.

Characters Oniwabanshuu Juppongatana Other Villains

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Kanryu Takeda
A young, rich entrepeneur, and part of an illegal opium ring, he hires the OGEC to protect him from bad people. He uses Megumi Takani to make a new kind of opium, being cheap to make and easy to distribute expensively. He ends up taking Megumi hostage. The Kenshin-gumi come to rescue Megumi from his evil clutches. In the end, Aoshi and Hannya make him snap, and he barges on the scene, with a Gatling Gun and an itchy trigger finger. He kills every member of the OGEC except for Aoshi, and is defeated by Kenshin and the OGEC.

The smallest, weakest member of the OGEC (Oniwaban Group of Edo Castle), Beshimi relies on small darts to kill his opponents. These are either extremely sharp or filled with poison. Beshimi is the first one sent to kidnap Megumi. He then tries again later with Hyottoko. He's responsible for poisoning Yahiko, as well as defeating Kanryu Takeda.

The largest member of the OGEC, he is a firebreather. His tactics are to drink oil, then breath out fire. He's sent to kidnap Megumi Takani with Beshimi, and is defeated by Sanosuke. He is responsible for helping defeat Kanryu Takeda.

The 2nd strongest member of the OGEC, he's the best fist-fighter of the group. He uses an illusion to trick his opponents (he has vertical stripes on his arms, which, when going horizontally, make his arm seem wider and shorter) into thinking his arm is shorter than it really is. He's partly responsible for making Kanryu go psycho, as well as defeating Kanryu.

The member of the Oniwaban with the most stamina; he's trained his body to be invincible. Shikijou is the Gate Keeper of Edo Castle, and fights Sanosuke. Shikijou packs quite a punch, and uses a steel ball attached to a chain. In the end, his only use is a shield.

Aoshi Shinomori
[See main Rurouni Kenshin page for most details.] He uses Kodachis to attack his opponents, and fights Kenshin to a stalemate. However, Kanryu bursts onto the scene with a gatling gun, and fires it around. Aoshi looks on as the members of the OGEC are killed off one by one. Aoshi is partly responsible for making Kanryu go psycho.