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Other Villains

Rurouni Kenshin.

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Special thanks to Slappy.

Jinei Udoh (Hitokiri Kurogasa) -- No Affiliation
The first actual villain of the series Rurouni Kenshin, Jinei was an ex-member of the Shinsengumi, kicked off for being too violent. He has a major bloodlust, and is an all around psycho. He has spent the 10 years after the Revolution assassinating politicians. Jinei is a master of Shin-no-ippou, and he uses the Nikaidou method to freeze people in place. He uses the Hyouki Technique to make himself stronger.

Jinei first meets Kenshin when Jinei goes to assassinate a politician Kenshin had been hired to protect. Jinei sees that Kenshin's skill has diminished, and wants to fight the old Battousai. To do this, Jinei realizes Kenshin must become very angry. Jinei's solution? He kidnaps Kaoru. Our intrepid hero goes to fight Jinei. Kenshin still doesn't have the skill of the Battousai, so Jinei paralyzes Kaoru's lungs, making her slowly suffocate. The only way this will wear off is if Kaoru overpowers Jinei's swordsmans' spirit, or if Jinei dies. Kenshin gets angry enough, and gives Jinei his desired fight. This is where Kenshin first goes into Battousai mode.

Jinei pretty much gets his butt whupped. Hitokiri Battousai is about to kill Jinei with a reversed-reverse-blade sword (the blade side), when Kaoru's swordsmans' spirit overpowers Jinei's. She yells 'Kenshin', and Kenshin goes back to normal. Jinei then commits suicide.

Toma Sakaki -- Jinpuu Squad
Although he doesn't appear in the Theme Song as a true villain, I'm including him anyway. He's the leader of the Jinpuu Squad, and a master of Hina Ittou. Toma is hired by a senator to do assassinations in the name of Divine Retribution. When Toma is found out, he's told to repent. He's an old student of Heihachirou Sasaki, and the creator of the Shiden Renga Blade.

Raijuta Isarugi -- Shinko School
Raijuta Isarugi is a master of the Shinko style. His special attack is the Izuna, an attack which creates an air vacuum to cut the victim. The two variations on this are Tobi and Matoi. The differences are that Tobi Izuna is cutting the air, Matoi Izuna is cutting the ground. Tobi Izuna is obviously much harder to dodge.

Raijuta plans to make a kingdom, where the "warrior's spirit" is strong. A Kingdom where the Japanese Martial Arts are King, and the western ideals are bad. Raijuta is the head of the Shinko School, and his four allies are the Liuetenants of the Shinko School.

Raijuta's planned kingdom is in Izu, where our heroes go for a nice vacation. He saves a rich young boy named Yutaro Tsukayama from some kidnappers, and gains Yutaro's trust. Since then, warriors and shady characters have come to the Tsukayama Mansion. To complicate things, the army comes to stamp down the Shinko School, and finally obliterate it, with Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, and Sano stuck in the middle. In the end, Kenshin and Raijuta fight, Raijuta ends up, well, losing. Peace is brought to Izu, and the Shinko School is disbanded.

Gohei Hiruma -- No Affiliation
To put a quick little summary of his skills...37-year-old Gohei is about Yahiko's equal, little to no challenge to Sano, and Kenshin can beat him before somebody blinks. This makes me realize one thing...the police swordsmen really, really, really, suck! Anyway, he gets his right thumb crushed by Kaoru's father, and his left thumb crushed by Kenshin. He then uses an umbrella sword (sword hidden in umbrella) to fight. However, he still sucks. Gohei just wishes to exact revenge against Kenshin, first hiring Sanosuke and then hiring the Onizaki brothers. Although he has no fighting ability, I give him credit for remaining a thorn in the Kenshin-gumi's (Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, and Sano's) side.

Ginjo -- Kairyu
One of the strongest members of the Kairyu, Ginjo is only topped by Shura. Ginjo uses an axe most of the time. He and the other Kairyu get fed up with Shura's rule, so the Kairyu decide to mutiny, Ginjo at the head. Various hijinks ensue on Kairyu island. Ginjo and the mutineers are all killed. Everything is good with the Kenshin-gumi and the remaining Shura-faithful Kairyu.

Hajime Saitou -- Shinsengumi
An ex-member of the Shinsengumi, Saitou was the leader of the 3rd Squad, and clashed with Himura Battousai many a time. Saitou has mastered a left-handed Gatotsu, a quick stabbing attack. Known as the Wolf of Mibu, Saitou and the Shinsengumi were much feared. Then came the end of the Bakumatsu/Revolutionary period, and in came the Meiji. Saitou changed his name to Goro Fujita, and worked as a police inspector. Saitou is introduced early in the Kyoto Arc, and puts Sanosuke in critical condition. He fights Kenshin to a stand still, then a high ranking officer who's name eludes me for the moment stops the fight, and talks about Makoto Shishio (profile coming soon). Saitou is no longer a bad guy, but more of an anti-hero.

Kihei Hiruma -- No Affiliation
A manga-only character, Kihei is the older, smaller, and smarter brother of Gohei Hiruma. This 45-year-old was found by Kaoru, collapsed in the street outside her dojo shortly after her father died. She took him in, and he gained her trust. Often Kihei would urge Kaoru to sell the dojo. To discredit the school, he and his brother cooked up the infamous Fake Battousai plan. Kenshin came to investigate the Battousai incidents, and in this way he met Kaoru. Kaoru told Kenshin about a (correct) lead she had to the identity of the Fake Battousai. Thus, Kihei and Gohei attacked the Kamiya Dojo while Kenshin looked into the lead. The lead proved true, and Kihei explained his plan to the defeated Kaoru. Kihei was eager to buy the dojo, realizing its worth would increase 5 to 6 times due to the Western Growth Policy. Anyway, when Gohei is about to kill Kaoru, so they could get the deed to the school, Kenshin comes and defeats Gohei and his thugs. After that, Kenshin threatens Kihei, who consequently pees his pants. Who they hire next is in Gohei's profile [see above].