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Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu.

In the dark dimension where coldness and obscurity rule, they sleep...
In quiet and timeless space.
Corrupt human souls bring forth these shinma, gods of evil, who can enter the world of humans.
The one who watches over these wandering shinma and hunts them when they enter this domain is...
Kyuuketsuki Miyu.
(Vampire Princess Miyu.)

Miyu and Shina. Larva and Miyu (I think this is when Larva brings out the vampire in Miyu). Larva and Miyu. Larva and Miyu.

Larva and Miyu. Larva and Miyu. Larva and Miyu. Larva and Miyu.


{ Miyu | Larva | Shina | Reiha | Chisato | Yukari | Hisae }


Pretty Miyu. Young Miyu with Shina. Miyu in pain. Miyu and Young Miyu.

Miyu. Pretty Miyu. Pretty Miyu. Miyu and her 'daughter' Yui.

Sad Miyu. Miyu at school. Miyu. Pretty Miyu.

Name: Miyu
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Half Human + Vampire
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Dark Brown
TV Seiyuu: Nagasawa Miki
OVA Seiyuu: Naoko Watanabe
English: Kimberly Brown
"Nothing beautiful can last forever..."
"Why am I alive? It hurts so much."
"I won't excuse such people...people who just forget sadness or love or hate...because I will never forget!"
"Is there anything wrong with being...seriously in love?"
"I am Vampire Princess Miyu. Give me your blood...and I will give you any dream your heart desires..."

Miyu is an eternally youthful 13-year-old vampire appointed to hunt loose shinma (god-devils) on earth and return them to the darkness. She can call forth a flame into her hand that burns the Shinma. Sometimes Miyu announces her arrival by playing her flute. Miyu is not a typical vampire. She can walk around during the day, she has a reflection, and she is immune to holy water, garlic, and other traditional vampire wards. Also, Miyu's bite does not kill her victims. Instead, it allows them to live forever in dream world, where they are happy forever. Her father was a human. Her mother was a vampire. Her mother tried to save her from her vampire destiny by escaping from the darkness and releasing these Shinma to the world of humans. Miyu is generally very quiet and composed, though she feels very strongly about certain things, especially when her rival, Reiha, takes the opposite position. It's not clear if Miyu likes or dislikes humans. However, she has a soft spot for children. She poses as Yamano Miyu, an ordinary school girl at the local junior high school.

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Larva removing his mask. Larva's mask. Larva in a swampy picture. (I really like this one..) Larva (and Miyu). Larva smiling.

Larva. Manga Larva. Larva and a shadowy Miyu. Larva. Larva. Heh. Scythe. Bishie Larva.

Name: Larva
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Race: Shinma
Eyes: Red
Hair: Light Blue
TV Seiyuu: Shinichirou Miki
OVA Seiyuu: Kaneto Shiozawa
English: Ryan Alosio
"I fight for Miyu."
"Don't you understand? This girl's...sorrow..."
"Grasping my outstretched hand...soft whisperings beside my ear...let my blood convey to you..."
"I can feel Miyu's thoughts...her sadness...Miyu..."

Larva is a Western Shinma (and series bishounen) who came to Japan to kill Miyu before her vampiric blood had a chance to awaken. However, he waited too long, out of pity. When he finally decided to kill her, his touch brought out the vampire in Miyu. When she awakened, she bit him, and now he is bound to her by blood. According to the OAV, his failure to kill Miyu is the reason why he wears a mask and is unable to speak (in the TV series and mangas, he can speak, though rarely). Larva is Miyu's only friend and guardian, and helps her return other Shinma to the darkness (many of these Shinma refer to him as a traitor). Larva has long, thin hands with very long red nails/claws that can tear through most anything. He occassionally uses a large scythe in battle. Larva is the only one who can truly understand Miyu. Presumably, once the last Shinma is returned to the darkness, he and Miyu will follow.

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Shina and Miyu. Shina. Shina. Shina.

Name: Shina
Gender: Female
Age: ??
Race: Shinma
Eyes: Red
Hair: Light Pink
TV Seiyuu: Mika Kanai
OVA Seiyuu: NA
English: Francesca Catalano
Shina is a bunny-like Shinma. Because Shina has very little power, Miyu lets her stay in this world. Shina is very fond of Miyu, and appears randomly at Miyu's side. Shina has her right ear covering her right eye; however, when she lifts it up, a huge, bloodshot, yellow eye is revealed. With that eye, Shina can see things that no one else can. She uses that power to see through illusions or to look over extremely long distances. She does not like humans and thinks Miyu should just leave them alone.

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Reiha and Matsukaze. Reiha and Matsukaze (and part of Miyu). Reiha and Miyu.

Pretty Reiha. Reiha and Matsukaze. Reiha and Matsukaze.

Name: Reiha
Gender: Female
Age: ??
Race: Snow Demon
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Black
TV Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi
OVA Seiyuu: NA
English: Wendee Lee
"You're too merciful!"

Reiha is a snow demon who resembles a child. She always carries with her a doll named Matsukaze, who represents her anger. Matsukaze is a horrendously annoying character who is constantly talking, being rude, or insulting Miyu, while Reiha carries him around. Reiha has the ability to create strong blasts of ice from her hands. This "blizzard" instantly freezes and kills her victims. Reiha is very cold and ruthless. They frequently comment that Miyu is too merciful. She intensely dislikes Miyu, and appears to have no sympathy for anyone. If any people get in Reiha's way, she simply blasts them away like Shinma. Reiha's father was a Shinma, and her mother was a snow demon. The reason for her hatred for Miyu is because the last word her father spoke happened to be "Miyu", so she assumed that he cared more for Miyu.

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Chisato Inoue

Chisato. Chisato and Miyu. Chisato whispering to Miyu.

Chisato. Chisato and a kitten. Worried Chisato.

Name: Chisato
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
TV Seiyuu: Asao Shirakura
OVA Seiyuu: Mayuko Shirakura
English: Anjuli Cain
Chisato is a very cheerful and outgoing girl, willing to make friends with anyone. A good-natured girl, she is innocent, passionate, childish, and naiive. She is very talkative. Chisato is quick to defend those who need defending, though she is equally quick to anger (even if her temper doesn't last long). Chisato is Miyu's first and closest friend at school. When Chisato sees a man selling charms on the street, she buys two, one for herself and an identical one for Miyu. She says that she and Miyu will be friends forever. The friendship charm protected her against her from "the Ghost of Miyu", or Miyu's Doppelgänger.

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Yukari Kashima

Yukari (and Hisae). Lil' pic of Yukari. Lil' pic of Yukari. Yukari.

Name: Yukari
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Blue
TV Seiyuu: Chiharu Tuzuka
OVA Seiyuu: NA
English: Stephanie Griffin
Yukari is the tall girl with blue hair. Chisato introduces her as the strongest girl in the group. Yukari's considered the "tomboy", and she doesn't think much before she says things. She often gets disgusted with Chisato (due to her cheerful, trustful, gullible, naiive nature - a personality that would clash with Yukari's rough, tough, and sporty personality), and is used to hanging around with Hisae more. She was very skeptical about meeting and befriending Miyu at first, but in the end, she gave in to Chisato's request. She is not a close friend of Miyu, but she does not hate her company.

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Hisae Aoki

Hisae. Lil' pic of Hisae. Lil' pic of Hisae. Hisae.

Name: Hisae
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
TV Seiyuu: Shindou Kokoro
OVA Seiyuu: NA
English: Emmanuella Chriqui
Hisae is one of Chisato's friends. Hisae is a short, quiet, soft-spoken girl with brown hair and glasses. Hisae is a top student at Tokewa. She is the "smart" one of the group, and she's interested in books. She can almost always guess what someone's feeling.

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