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Weiss Kreuz (White Cross)

Weiss Kreuz (White Cross).

Weiß Schwarz Schreient

Brad Crawford

Full-body manga pic of Crawford. Crawford. Crawford. Crawford.

Crawford. Lost Crawford. Evil Crawford. Crawford.

Name: Brad Crawford
Codename: Oracle
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Hair: Blue-Black
Seiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutaru (Treize: Gundam Wing)
Weapon: Obligatory Gun, Psychic Powers
Affiliation: Schwarz (Black) -> Eszett

Brad Crawford is the American member of Schwarz. (Schwarz is a group of four assasins formed under Reiji Takatori, the man who Aya wants to run his sword through. They have it in for Weiss.) His Weiss counterpart is Aya. Like Aya, he's cold (though Crawford has that mechanical villainous cold, not the stand-offish loveable cold). He's also an excellent liar. He firmly believes in eliminating useless people. Cough. Anyway, he's quite good at being the all-encompassing villainous leader. Like most members of Schwarz, Brad has an unusual power. He's psychic. He can see a tad bit into the future - just enough to dodge fatal attacks and the like. Not much is known about Crawford's past, although there have been some interesting theories that he is Nagi's father. But, he would have been twelve when Nagi was born, so it seems quite unlikely.

Naoe Nagi

Nagi. Nagi. Heh. Nagi. Hot Nagi.

Cute reminiscing Nagi. Adorable Nagi. I coulda sworn that was Omi. Nagi. Nagi protesting.

Name: Naoe Nagi
Codename: Prodigy
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Hair: Blue-Black
Seiyuu: Sasaki Nozomu (Yusuke: YYH)
Weapon: Telekinetic Powers
Affiliation: Schwarz (Black) -> Eszett

Naoe Nagi is the Japanese member of Schwarz. His Weiss counterpart is Omi (after all, he could BE Omi with darker hair and a li'l more maturity). Nagi is very level-headed, and rather small, which contributes to the similarities between he and Omi. Nagi seems to have more wits about him than, say, Farfarello, but not quite as much as Crawford. This is proven by the fact that Nagi likes Tot. TOT. The green-haired moron from Schreient. Anyway, at one point during the series, Nagi kisses her...or tries to. They bop heads. Afterwards she kisses him. Later, Crawford slaps Nagi and tells him to forget about her. Much later on, because Nagi really digs Tot, he gets pissed when Farferello stabs her in the chest. Nagi makes a building fall down. BOOM.


Schuldich. Schuldich. Schuldich. Schuldich.

Full-body manga pic of Schuldich. Schuldich. Cool Schuldich. Schuldich.

Name: Schuldich
Codename: Mastermind
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Eyes: Blue (Amber in manga)
Hair: Red (Green in manga)
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru (Tamahome: FY, Heero: Gundam Wing, Zelgadiss: Slayers)
Weapon: Gun, Mind-Control, Speed
Affiliation: Schwarz (Black) -> Eszett

Schuldich (which means "guilty") is the German member of Schwarz. His Weiss counterpart is Yoji. Though not quite so...let's say, perverted. Anyway, Schuldich's weapon is 'mild mind-control'. Isn't that nifty - he can read people's minds and invade their thoughts. He can be extremely manipulative and deviously evil. He claims that he has never told a lie, and that people's thoughts taste like honey. Interesting guy. Anyway, he seems to enjoy getting on Crawford's nerves, and never considers his actions beforehand. During the course of the series, he kidnaps Omi and beats him senseless with a golf club. Schuldich is the bad boy you love to hate -- he enjoys stirring up trouble and messing with people's heads. (My favorite Shwarz his seiyuu's perfect.)


Farfarello. Sweet pic of Farfarello. Aww, looka that cute lil' Farfie. Heh. Farfarello.

Mm, that's some nice insanity, Farfie. Full-body pic of Farfarello. Farfarello. Farfarello. Lick lick.

Name: Farfarello (Jei)
Codename: Berserker
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: White
Seiyuu: Nakao Ryuusei
Weapon: Sharp Objects, Retractable Rapier, Mini-Knives
Affiliation: Schwarz (Black) -> Eszett

Farfarello is the Irish member of Schwarz. His Weiss counterpart is Ken. Farfarello is insane. He's obsessed with knives and likes terrorizing Tot. He isn't duanted by physical pain and can jump insanely high. Farfarello can be a quiet, detatched individual. Until provoked. Then he lets out an earpiercing warcry and busts out the knives. He doesn't really say much, and enjoys staring into space, preferably in a direction where no one else is staring. Contrary to popular belief, he is pretty observant. He attended a Catholic church regularly when he was a child, but then went and slaughtered his entire family. Like I said, insane.