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Weiss Kreuz (White Cross)

Weiss Kreuz (White Cross).

Weiß Schwarz Schreient

Aya Fujimiya

Aya. Aya. That's one expression scarcely seen. Aya, with tears of blood. Lethal Aya.

Aya. Aya in action. Aya unsheathing his katana. Aya. Aya yelling.

Hot Aya. Aya pulling on his jacket. Hot Aya. Aya. Bam.

Name: Aya Fujimiya (Ran)
Codename: Abyssinian
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 178 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Birthday: July 4
Eyes: Dark Violet
Hair: Red
Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu (Hotohori: FY)
Weapon: Katana (Japanese sword)
Affiliation: Weiß or Weiss (White)

Aya Fujimiya is the leader of a group of assasins known as Weiß. He is a very quiet and serious character, and rather complicated. His parents were killed, his sister (whose name is Aya) is in a coma, and Aya vows revenge against Reiji Takatori, responsible for his family's disgrace. (He was in the car that hit his sister and kept on going.) Aya (or Ran, his real name) tends to be depressing and strict. He rarely smiles, and is incredibly anti-social. He regularly goes to his comatose sister's room to put flowers on her windowsill. He joined Weiß to avenge his parents and to pay for his sister's hospital bills. The typical silent-but-strong character with a pessimistic attitude, a sharp tongue, and a sword. Of course, deep down, he must care for somebody. They always do.

Omi Tsukiyono

Omi. Omi thinking. Omi smiling. Serious Omi.

Omi holding a huge gun. Blue-tinted Omi. Cute Omi. Cute Omi.

Omi in action. Omi giving the thumbs-down. Cute Omi. Cute Omi.

Name: Omi Tsukiyono
Codename: Bombay
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 163 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Birthday: February 29
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Seiyuu: Hiro Yuuki
Weapon: Bow and Darts
Affiliation: Weiß or Weiss (White)

Omi has a cheerful personality, and is very sensitive. He likes the computer and the elderly and dislikes ignorance and celery (hey, that rhymed). Omi is the youngest of Weiß, but he is the most dynamic and outgoing of the group. When he is in the flowershop, working with the rest of Weiß, he is normally found arguing with Yoji or being pestered by some of his fangirls. Omi uses a few different weapons, including darts, poison, and a crossbow. He seems to be the second-in-command, thinking up and organizing the plans. When Omi was a child, he was kidnapped. His father, interestingly enough, would not pay the ransom. He was then rescued by Persia, who took him under his care and brought him into Weiß.

Yoji Kudou

Yoji. Yoji charming some girl. Yoji smiling. Girlish-looking Yoji. Serious Yoji.

Sad Yoji. Yoji. Yoji in action. Cute Yoji. Yoji. Cute Chibi Yoji.

Name: Yoji Kudou
Codename: Balinese
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 182 cm (6 ft)
Birthday: March 3
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Blond
Seiyuu: Shinichirou Miki (Keisuke: FY)
Weapon: Garrotte (concealed wire)
Affiliation: Weiß or Weiss (White)

Yoji (Youji, Yohji, all quite correct) is a playboy. He likes women over the age of 18 (and he enjoys flirting with Manx, their sort-of manager with the curly red hair), though he will make exceptions for cute highschool girls. He commonly wears skin-tight clothing that reveals his lower abdomen, which leads to the question in everyone's minds...(Is he gay? Frankly, it is up to you to decide, though the whole flirting with girls thing kind of goes against the argument.) He always wears sunglasses, even inside buildings. Yoji uses his Garrotte, which is wire inside his special watch, to cut and hang his victims. He spends most of his time as a womanizer, but when he's with the other members of Weiß, he is usually teasing the others. Yoji used to be a detective, but when he was on a case searching for a missing girl, his partner Asuka was killed by the group responsible. He quit after this incident, and then decided to join Weiß. In about the third episode, he loses a runaway prostitute named Maki in exactly the same way, with the same dialogue and everything. (By the way, Asuka looks a LOT like that Neu girl from Schreient...)

Ken Hidaka

Ken. Ken. Ken tinted purple. Ken.

Ken. Ken wrapping a wound. Ken bleeding. Ken.

Hot Ken. Ken looking at the sky. Ken. Cute Chibi Ken.

Name: Ken Hidaka
Codename: Siberian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 175 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Birthday: December 23
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Hair: Brown
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki (Chichiri: FY, Kamui: X)
Weapon: Bugnuk (tiger claws)
Affiliation: Weiß or Weiss (White)

Ken spends most of his free time riding motorcycles and teaching kids how to play soccer. Ken is very good-natured, and he is so loyal and friendly that he normally gets hurt by people with bad intentions. During the daytime, Ken and the other Weiß members work in a flower shop called 'Kitty in the House', or 'Where the Kitty Lives', where they are incessantly swooned over by annoying highschool fangirls. It's an amazingly accurate depiction of what the world would be like if these four assasins were real.

He was a goal attendant in the J-league. Unfortunately he was framed in a gambling incident (supposedly he was betting on his own games, and even though he was innocent, someone slipped drugs into his water at half-time), and was expelled. Incidentally, Kase, his best friend in the J-league, was the one who drugged him. Ken thought Kase was dead, but then discovered that indeed, he was not, and he was Weiß' newest target, the vice president of Creeper (a large gambling ring). His ex-best friend shot him several times in the chest, but Ken, wearing a bullet-proof vest, was forced to kill him with his bugnuck. His dying words were, "See you in hell." To insure that Ken had both the spotlight and the last word, he replied, "This is hell, too." Aw, don't you just love those catchphrases?